Secure serverComprehensive protection

Our servers have licensed software installed that has passed a security audit and can guarantee 100% data security. We also use modern security systems that prevent fraudsters from interrupting the work of the resource or intercepting/replacing the data of our clients.
Licensed software: The use of the licensed software of our servers guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the resource and the safety of the data of each of our clients.
EV-SSL certificate: This type of certificate officially confirms the existence of the company and encrypts the transmitted data at the highest level.
DDoS protection: We use modern methods of combating intruders who try to interrupt the performance of the resource.

Personal data protectionAdditional options

All data provided by the company’s clients is kept in strict confidentiality and is not distributed to third parties. All information is stored in encrypted form on the company’s secure servers. For additional protection of our clients personal accounts, we have implemented several security options that will ensure maximum security of your data and finances.
Two-factor authentication: This option to protect your personal account ensures that only you can gain access, even if your password is found out by intruders.
Monitoring of visits: This option provides you with the history of visits to your personal account. The information contains the users IP, country, browser, and date of the visit. If you notice any strange activity, change your password immediately.
Secret code: This option protects the modification of personal data and the execution of financial transactions.

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