Investment Offers

Deposit amount
from $10.00
to $100 000.00
Investment term
1 month
24 months
Accrual of interest on the deposit

Deposit conditions

Interest rate:

3.00% per day

Investment term

1 months

Number of charges:


Full-term profit:

$9.00 (90.00%)

Income for the entire term:

$19.00 (190.00%)

Profit in 30 days:

$9.00 (90.00%)
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Professional investmentsindividual approach to everyone

Creating an investment package on individual terms. You can choose the amount of the deposit, set the term of the deposit and choose the type of accrual of payments on the deposit, depending on your requirements.

Profitable investmentearn up to 4.4% per day

The daily return on the deposit strictly depends on the type of accrual of payments on the deposit. The longer the funds remain on the trading platform, the greater their liquidity.

Full controlearly closure

If you need money before the end of the deposit, you can always get it by selling your investment package.

Recommended Investment Packages

Investment term:

1 month

Deposit amount:

$10.00 - $100,000.00

Dividend Accrual:

Daily interest payment

Return of the principal amount of the deposit at the end of the term.
Interest rate:


Investment term:

2 month

Deposit amount:

$10.00 - $100,000.00

Dividend Accrual:

Monthly interest payment

Return of the principal amount of the deposit at the end of the term.
Interest rate:


Investment term:

4 month

Deposit amount:

$10.00 - $100,000.00

Dividend Accrual:

At the end of the deposit term

Return of the principal amount of the deposit at the end of the term.
Interest rate:


Investment term:

1 - 24 months

Deposit amount:

$10.00 - $100,000.00

Dividend Accrual:

Type of accrual at your option

Return of the principal amount of the deposit at the end of the term.
Interest rate:



Our main task is to promote our business using our author strategies and trading techniques by increasing our capital raised by the trust management system to increase our profitability. To do this, we have entered the market for online investments, opened "trust management" and began cooperation on mutually beneficial terms with private investors. Our goal is to increase company`s assets and also to make the world of cryptocurrency trading accessible to everyone, regardless of their status, income or country of residence.

Three ready-to-use investment proposals and the configurator of investment packages were developed for achieving these goals. Thanks to it every investor can create such an investment package, which is more appropriate for him.

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No trading experience or knowledge required.

A team of professional traders from Aura4Finance works for you. Carefully selected methods of money management and the best trading strategies have allowed us to create a safe and effective source of passive income.

  1. Reliable protection of your funds
  2. Large-scale diversification
  3. High return on deposits
  4. A wide range of additional services
Quick profit

Receive your dividends just in time.

Stable accruals

The deposit will be credited without delay.

Favorable conditions

Opening a deposit on individual terms.

  • All bets are off
  • Deposit conditions
Deposit currency Method of interest payment up to 3 months more than 3 months
US Dollar At the end of the deposit term 4.0% 4.4%
Monthly interest payment 3.5% 3.9%
Daily interest payment 3.0% 3.4%
Deposit currency US Dollar
Deposit term 1-24 months
Minimum amount to open a deposit $10.00
Maximum amount of funds placed in the deposit The maximum amount of funds that a depositor can deposit on the terms of the product "For investors" by entering into a single deposit can not exceed $100,000. 00.
Deposit replenishment Not provided
Partial withdrawal Not provided
Conditions for early repayment of the deposit The possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit amount becomes available after 10 days from the moment of opening the deposit by the client. In case of early withdrawal of the deposit amount, the deposit agreement is considered terminated, and the dividends on the deposit are suspended.
Additional conditions Missing

Payment systems

Frequently asked questions

How to open an investment deposit for the service "For investors"?

You need to open an account and top up your balance using any of the available methods. In the "Open deposit" section, configure the investment package according to your needs and confirm the opening of the deposit.

When will I start receiving dividends on my current deposit?

Depending on the choice of the type of "Accrual of dividends". There are 3 types: daily, monthly and at the end of the term.

What is the difference between the types of accrual of dividends?

The longer the funds remain in the company’s accounts, the higher your income. The less frequently you receive dividends, the higher the daily percentage of your return on your open deposit.

What is the minimum/maximum deposit opening amount?

The service "For investors" has a minimum deposit amount of $10.00. The maximum amount for each deposit is $100,000. 00.

Is there a limit on the number of active deposits?

No. there are no restrictions.

I have a valid deposit, can I withdraw funds ahead of schedule?

Yes, you have the option to terminate the current contract. You can sell the company’s deposit with a 20% commission.

How long does it take to process the withdrawal of funds from the platform?

Withdrawals are made by the financial department, in manual mode and can take up to 48 hours from the moment of application.

What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the investment platform?

The minimum amounts depend on the payment systems to which you are withdrawing. Perfect Money 0.01 $ Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin 0.0008 btc (50 $); Ethereum 0.00800000 eth ($ 20); other cryptocurrencies $ 10.

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